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How to place an order in ScreenAid

When replacing a laptop screen it is important to get an exact match , so the best is if you can check what model you currently have in your laptop and order that specific screen. If you cannot identify the model you need, please contact us at service@screenaid.com.

1. The easiest way to search is that enter the keywords of the products in search box. And the results will be listed below.
For example, you need a Dell Inspiron 1525 LCD screen. Enter the keywords: Dell Inspiron 1525, you will see the result below:

screenadid buying guide-1

2. Enter the keywords means that you need to know Brand and Model of your laptop. Ex.: if you have Dell Inspiron 1525, Dell is your brand, Inspiron is the Series, Inspiron 1525 is the Model.
Once you click on laptop brand, you’ll see the list of laptop series.

screenaid buying guide-2

Click on laptop series, you’ll see all screens available for the laptop series you specified on the next page.

screenaid buying guide-3

3. Select quantity of screens you need and click “ADD TO CART’ button.”

screenaid buying guide-4

4. On the next page, select your location, the system will estimate the shipping charge for you.

screenaid buying guide-5

5. Next, you will go to Checkout page. To place an order (to check out) you’ll need to have an account created with us. Please, log in if you shopped with us before or create a new account – it only takes a second.

screenaid buying guide-6

After LOGGED IN, navigate to the SHOPPING CART:
(i)Select Delivery Info.
(ii)Select Payment Info.
6. Order Confirmation.

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